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#290141 - The next day i got out of bed and went downstairs to make myself some breakfast i looked at the choice hmmm egg on toast for a change i think, Mum had woke up and came downstairs to in a hurry for work Morning angle, i'm of to work i'll see you this evening your dads just poped out to the shop to get some milk he'll be right back mum kissed my forehead and gave me a quick hug before dashing to the door hurrying for work. i continued eating and biting away at my sweet treat when he suddenly started speaking to me asif we were long lost friends or something! i couldn't take it i got up and ran away from him as fat as my little legs could carry me, and the strange thing is he only said hi whats gotten into me?! All night i stay awake thinking about the hot guy in the park, sure he was hot with his amaing green eyes and musclular body and of course his amazing dark drown hair yum! He looked around 18 so why was he talking to me? He could see i was only young

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