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#265340 - She always starts Bending down in front of me Her ass brushes against my knees Oh god she knows how to tease me My cock begging to burst free From my jeans and into hers I grab her sides pull her closer to me Wraps her arms around me I turn her around put her on the ground She's letting out all the right sounds On her knees she looks back at me With her eyes she says Fuck me That's the final straw I unclasp her bra Slide her panties down I get closer and start to lick But I can't handle it I whip out my dick She purrs in hunger As she eyes my dick The right size but a little too thick I stick it in In one thrust I'm reaching all of her spots Her pussy guiding my cock To her deepest secret spot She screams in pleasure As I continue to thrust Grunting oh fuck She feels so good Like I knew she would She looks back at me With tears in her eyes Her smile got wider As her moans grew louder She knew she had me I knew I had he

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