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#344671 - As I spin round to face him I collect myself, he removes my corset pulling it above my head, he looks at me kicks at my knees and saying spread your legs, I spread them wider, he says I dunno about you boys but I only want to fuck a clean cunt, use your fingers to clean that pussy, I begin to reach down slide my fingers in and around my pussy lips, josh's cum is dripping from me, I pull my hand out as Matt demands now suck it, I stick my fingers in my mouth suck them clean, again and again I insert my fingers into my cunt scoop up the hot warm salty cum and lick my fingers clean, Matt grabs my hand with his, reaches down with his right an jams 2 fingers into me and says thats better, each time one of us fucks you, you must clean us first and then yourself, do you understand, yes, I reply, he slaps my face hard, yes what, yes sir, unsure of what I'm suppose to call him, he laughs, oh man I like this one, Darryl pipes in, yea you can call us all sir, as Matt orders me to my feet, I turn,

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