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#77359 - Jess Awoke first, As her eye’s opened she saw Suzie asleep between her legs, and Timmy conked out behind Suzie, there was dried cum everywhere, all over Timmy’s belly and crotch and all over Suzie’s pussy and ass, Jess pulled herself up, waking Suzie in the process, “oh wow, last night was awesome” Suzie said dreamily as she opened her eye’s, Jess walked over to the kitchen as Suzie got up, Timmy also awoke as suzie rose, as his soft deflated cock slipped out, a gush of cum flowed from Suzie’s pussy, suzie yawned as it flowed down her leg and onto the floor, Timmy picked himself up and looked at suzie, timmy cock began to rise as he looked over her naked body, cum dripping from her pussy, suzie looked at timmy, then at his rapidly hardening erection, “oh timmy, don’t you ever stop” suzie said tired, “sorry, I can’t control it, your just so hot” timmy exclaimed, “oh well, we can’t well let you go to school like that can we timmy” jess said as she walked in with 3 mugs of coffee, jes

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