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#59282 - ” He stands up and looks at her one more time, concealing his hard-on from her by locking eyes with her, “No, no; I think I'll have you, honey” She didn't realize that he pulled a knife from his belt and pressed it to her side, she didn't show signs of resistance so he slammed her body against the wall and she began to scream and yell for help, she scrambles to the phone and dials 9-1 he cuts the line with his blade and presses his hips into hers, she stops screaming when he reminds her that the sign says closed, and when that happens; everyone in this straight-laced town wouldn't dare open the door, even if they saw a “slut like you” being fucked to tears. Alex kisses her on the cheek as she sits back down and messes around on the Internet a little, finding one of her favorite BDSM chat rooms on IMVU, the social network she first met her Master years ago.

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