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#23368 - He was behind me grabbing both cheeks of my ass to part them, and then I felt his wet soft tongue licking my asshole and entering inside it giving me the greatest of pleasures, my whole body was tingling. He started sliding out and in with his hands on my hips, sending me over the edge with every slam of our skins. The sensation was wonderful and I started pushing up and down his marvellous warm cock, he started jerking me off sending shivers down my spine and legs, we both were moaning in ecstasy and I started to move faster ignoring the pain in my thighs, his dick was throbbing inside my rectum, mine was pulsating between his fingers and my asshole tightened, 5 then 6 shots of my cum spilled all over Kyoske’s chest, at the same moment; I felts 6 or 7 cumshots filling my bowels, I threw my head back and arched my back involuntarily: the climax was simply divine.

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Shuuichi saihara
Is she really a thai too bad she is not pinay why do they do that
Karin asaka
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