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#17220 - Colin slipped us a envelope with the money in it, saying they had a great time again, and he would stay in touch. Clothes hit the floor in a hurry, as Sue was picked up and fucked by them, our friends sat back a bit a couple used my ass to keep thier cocks wet, seeing this a few of the other guys watched, cocks in hand as my orgasm joined Sue's filling the room with groans of delight. The fucking carried on until 2 am or so, then the guys had to get ready to leave, so with Sue in hand, we took of to the bathroom, as two or three at a time, emptied thier bladders over us, washing off the sticky cum, I got a few to flush my ass with hot piss, as did Sue.

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Kira yamato
This bitch was high af lol
Who is the first gal in the hentai love her body and her squirts