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#171563 - ‘Yeah, just feel guilty now and what will Kay say if she finds out?’ ‘I have no plans on telling her, and unless you are then there is no issues’ ‘Of course I’m not going to tell my sister I’ve just been with her bloke, she’ll kill me’ She started to cry and I took her face in my hands and kissed her cheeks and wiped the tears away. She loved this and played on it a little asking what made her sexier than my missus, now being a typical lad I wanted to answer with the line ‘ well my cock is enjoying the view’ but that is not me and I went with ‘I’ve seen you grow up from a little girl to a young gorgeous woman who drives the male species wild, Long legs, tight ass, great boobs and gorgeous face, added to the fact her stomach was flat and she wore clothes to extenuate the fact is the reason I thought she was sexier. As she was facing away from me I undone the hook of her bra and as soon as I had done she turned around… Panic stricken thinking I had been caught I darted out

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Sakata kintoki
Awesome ride
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