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#253099 - I felt incredibly triumphant as I felt the result of this grow along his thigh and press against me, he wasn't huge but it was enough I thought at the time, must have been about 6'', he brought me back to my senses as he used his unoccupied hand to pull my head down to his mouth and kissed me softly, not so sure of what he was supposed to do but I fixed that, this first moment of pleasure that we had together resulted in a chorus of whoops and cheers from the guys around us, as they fell about laughing and giggling, this may have been a norm for me, but for them, this was a momentous occasion, a girl, was enjoying video games, was showing off her ass, and was kissing someone, such scandal! Unfortunately what the idiots forgot was that the librarian was just out side the door at her desk, so as soon as we heard the chair scrape across the floor, boys were flying left right and centre to tidy up and changed screens to look busy with work, I leapt off James and ran towar

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Kazuto kirigaya
Really liked this one and the way you switched your narrating way to go mommy
Probably a bondage thing basically what happened here but a bit more kinky