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#399425 - As soon as Jim pulled his fist out, I got him to fuck my arse, with Mark still in my pussy, Jim plunged deep in my arse, Jim smiled saying he was hoping we might have more fun with Prince today too. I didn’t have to wait long, Prince growled; his cock grew bigger still, filling my cervix with hot doggy cum, He was getting better at not pulling back so hard now waiting for his knot to loosen, I worked my pussy muscles on his cock, his knot held firm, yet his cum still flowed, I knew he was good for a few more minutes before his cock would go soft. Grant arrived as most guys had worn themselves out, with a smile, saying it wasn’t fair he missed out, so with little fuss I pushed him down, and sucked his cock hard, before turning him over and shoving my fist in his butt, Jim laughed and shoved his cum soaked cock in his mouth, as we worked him to the first anal orgasm for today, then I saw Prince, walk by, Grabbing him I pushed him up to Grants butt, he licked it then jumped up,

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