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#185723 - My hand is between my legs, fingers inserted into my pussy, palm rubbing my solid erect clit, I can feel my cunt squeeze and spasm as he deep throats me, he has been saying that he wants me to suck a guys dick while he fucks me so he can feel it for himself, then change round so the lucky guy can feel it too. he immediately grabs his cock and starts rubbing it madly as I lower my cunt onto his waiting mouth, He instantly begins to suck my tingling clit but it’s so sensitive that I struggle to stay in place, even though I love to sit on his willing mouth it’s more than I can take, I continue to dribble into his mouth and down his face until its too much and push myself from him. Without delay I bend down and take his throbbing cock in my willing mouth, grip it with one hand still rubbing myself with the other.

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Yutaka hasebe
Damn name
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Bunny cute and hot as usual 3