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#192339 - I found myself staring closely while walking closer and closer till his cock was in full display for my own eyes, I was looking without shame, although it was wrong and very bad of me, but I could not help it, especially after the rubbing he was doing to my pussy a few minutes ago, which turned me on. Billy and I continued having sex almost all the time; he moved into my bedroom, we started sleeping together, fully nude, having sex almost every night, he had the strong powerful sex drive, and he made me discover how much of a sex loving woman I was, or I turned to be…. Many things gathered together at that moment, I was horny, so was Billy, we were both drunk, things were going out of the control for both of us, no words were spoken, but lots of actions were done by then, to the no return point of having my first orgasm over the fingers of my own son, who pulled his hand, replaced it with his mouth and tongue in a split of a second, I was supposed to fight back or try to stop him,

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