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#283388 - With quickening breaths and sounds of pleasure we found or selves on the edge of a powerful orgasm with her body shaking and her pussy quivering and pulsing around my dick I felt that she was a about to cum cause her pussy clamps down on my throbbing dick and she lets a big hmmm and moans with a big smile then cum’s so big it oozes out from around my dick and I keep thrusting and finally I feel I am about to cum so I quicken my pace and finally let out a sigh and a grunt and my dick pulses cum shooting deep inside her and we both collapse on to each other and we start to roll in place and continue to cuddle and enjoy our warmth’s and in sides. The guy was sitting in the shuttle with what looked like a detonator in his hand I immediately thought to sever the hand and it will grip the detonator and keep from detonating but I then realize that everyone has nanotech armor and the explosives can easily be triggered through a neural link. Soon after fully emerging, I told the pilots to go

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