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#150112 - I turned on the vibrator and it was kind of loud so I stoped and got up and put some music on and then went and layed on my bed again and shoved the dildo back in me and put a vibrator on my clit. I know some of the things she told me to do was weird but I didnt care I listened to everything she said no matter what I Didnt know why I really never had really good friends but She helped me through everything but i didn't want to ever loose her. I never had a real best friend that i could talk to everyday and she was it she told me what to do and i did it and never said anything about it.

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Patty o nome dela
Maiku kamishiro
Interesting concept for a hentai although i would be interested to see if this sort of thing actually works
Snow white
Just a extra side that s all lol
Hana uzaki
I m crying because i have no lover to do this to me
Nana ebina
We enjoyed sex in the kitchen of the apartment i think this is the perfect place for fuck girls if you don t want to cook you can serve your bf yourself