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#317760 - I visited him as often as possible and was soon experiencing three or more multi climaxes over a couple of hours, having to be even more careful on returning home, drained and needing a good nights rest to recover for my next session and even had to limit my work schedule to be able to keep up with my own new needs and his now regular demands to give me orgasms. There was no time to wonder over what new thing was happening to me and no respite this time and I suddenly exploded and as my body contorted I shouted and screamed in pleasure, almost falling off the seat as my first ever orgasm consumed every fibre of my being. Things changed rapidly as it was he who advanced and started to remove my clothing and I was weakly protesting and struggling slightly, beetroot red by the time he stepped back to look at my very immature looking body now I just my panties on, no need for a bra even now so I was all but naked at last.

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