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#260529 - I was so pleased Sally hadn`t seen her sister because she might of made her sister go up and put her panties on which I didn`t want,. Mary got up off my lap and Said “Daddy liked me to dance around nude and he would lay back and while I danced he would play with his cock while he watched me and I had to run my hands over my pussy and tickle my clit which I love doing, Daddy said when you diddle your clit you are masturbating and since he has been gone I masturbate every chance I get. What was your Daddy like I said “Oh me and Sally loved daddy very much as he used to play with us a lot when Mummy wasn`t here” “ What did he do “ “ well when I sat on Daddy`s lap he used to get me to play with his Cock, that is the thing you have between your legs and I can feel it now, can I play with it Poppy ,” “Yes my little sweet and can I play with your thing between your legs “ “Yes but you must call it what it is it, it is my Cunt and daddy says when I sit on his lap I am not to wear any

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