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#411164 - She didn't seem to even notice, but Jason figured it was now or never, so he turned to face her, and shut her up with a hard full kiss on the lip, and while she was momentarily stunned, she quickly warmed to the occasion and returned the kiss with her full passion! He pulled away, looked her in the eyes, and lied, I've been thinking about doing that since your first lecture at the beginning of the semester! Really, she asked, you should have said something a long time ago, as she then kissed him again, but this time even more passionately! As they kissed, Jason let his hand roam all over Jaime's breasts, kneading and cupping the big fat udders, making her moan as he tugged on her now distended nipples. Oh, no, he answered smoothly, it's just that, well, I just don't seem to understand the material like I should, do you think that you could maybe give me a little extra help, I mean, I'd pay you for your time!!! Oh you don't have to pay me

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Ooh this look
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Just when they played juicy lmaooooo im weak
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So beautiful and sexy