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#248949 - Jungue then said we should leave the pleasured women to enjoy their bellies full of cum and come with me now for I have yet another surprise awaiting you Louis. As it became more evident as the tribal women had been rubbing their quivering and spasming bellies now were rubbing bellies becoming swollen out more and more as the two women seemed to loose all consciousness again and just seemed to lay under their breeding partners succumb to all it's state of pleasure as their bellies swelled out ever greater and greater no doubt their wombs were full of their beasts hot boar cum. The evil tribal woman now took out the wet wooden boar hog cock replica out of it's sacred holding bag and now put it back on the Moms juices still very much fresh on it as she attached it, and adjusted it and then standing there over her now shuddering young woman victim now slapped her lithe little lean belly with it, hitting her well above her navel with the tip of it as if showing herself,

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Kevin levin
Hot you gave us some good ideas 3