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#401376 - I could hear a voice Sam, Sam wake up are you ok? My eyes flew open Blake was sitting on the bed I just got in, I thought you got back hours ago? I questioned no just now he said, I thought it must have been a dream, I got up to have a shower with Blake as I did I could feel cum pouring out of me fuck that dream made me wet I thought, as I walked across the room, it must have just been a dream I thought, Tank ran up to my naked body stuck his head to my crotch and flicked his tongue in me I thought wait a minute I know that tongue, OR WAS IT JUST A DREAM. So I decided I wanted to this virgin, his name is Blake and teach him how to use manhood and I never say no to a root, I went to the airport and couldn’t believe my eyes there was Ray sitting there, I hadn’t seen for like 3 or 4 years, he was hotter and more muscular, he was heavily tattooed had a full sleeve on his right arm and a number of other tattoos he wearied glasses now, which made him look even hotter and he was wearing t

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