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#231495 - So his name is Sam he's 16 and is a virgin and he's 5'6 and even though this goes against every story on here he has a 4 and a half to 5 inch dick when he's hard which is below average and definately below the size's i've read about in every other story on here anyways he has a fair build with short brown hair which he was forced to by his mum which might sound odd but if it wasn't for her he'd just let it grow because he really fussed and is a bit of a geek, but he still has plenty of friend's so he's kind of a cool geek, which even he doesn't understand that's all for now but if you need to know anything else I will tell you later, with that bull out of the way let's start where it may or have may not begen. But now he had her asking him to go to her house with his nan and Adam both standing there as well, so Sam couldn't think of anyway out of it so he simply sighed and said ''why not'

Read Tight Cunt Osananajimi no Shiiku, Hajimemashita. Camwhore Osananajimi no Shiiku, Hajimemashita.

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Rui ijigawa
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Ringo kinoshita
Yes a name please