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#5525 - what are some of your fantasies? Well, that'll have to wait for another time, won't it?. and quiet tom_h_body: your gyrations and moans begin to resurrect my semi-erect penis as i curl my fingers upward to find your g-spot tom_h_body: i ask you to guide me to it, and when i've found the spot, i begin moving my fingers around it in various patterns, and finally lower my head back down and begin to use my tongue and lips to stimulate your sensitive button kissingkitten37: all the muscles in my body tense as I buck under you. i put my head between them now and leave a trail of kisses back up to your neck and bite it, being careful not to leave a mark tom_h_body: i whisper into your ear for you to roll over tom_h_body: while you are comfortably laying on your stomach, i straddle you and drizzle some massage oil on your back.

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