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#192633 - Fay looked on with real concern and even a bit of horror as she watched her petite lover getting the ass fucking of all time! “A-are you sure you’re okay?” Fay asked nervously as each stroke bottomed out with such power that it almost lifted the tiny woman off of the bed. She finally kicked the door closed while almost losing her load, but after a moments hesitation righted her listing ship and headed for the kitchen. With her head rolling from side to side, Fran managed to nod to her friend that she was indeed all right when out of nowhere both she and Peter stiffened like two by fours as climaxes of unrivaled intensity shook them to their very souls! His legs all at once had the consistency of spaghetti, and without anything to grab onto, tumbled back on the floor in a helpless heap! “God, I feel like I’ve been fucked by Attila and each and every one of his huns!” Fran sighed as a small rivulet of semen seeped from her still distended rectum.

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