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#259121 - He pushed her on the bed and Ben got on one side of her head and Joe on the other, David got on the foot of the bed to spread her legs wide and he licked upwards on her legs until his tongue was invading her wet pussy, he started tongue fucking her as her hips were grinding into his tongue and her head was moving side to side. He was having a difficult time but saw some lotion on her night table and squirted a huge amount at the entrance to her ass. For the rest of the night she had to suck each mans cock and swallow the cum, she was fucked by all, ass fucked by 3 and even was being fucked in the ass and pussy while sucking one and jacking the other 2 off.

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China kousaka
I would of cum in her ass instead of on her back but apart from that great vib
Maihime tenkawa
Good hentai but we are a lot of people who want hentai with one part of boobs sucking please