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#81145 - It wasn’t too long before my ass was filled with hot cum, Phil slid out and Alan immediately took his place, another load soon followed, Grant also planted his seeds in my ass followed by Luke, I could feel the cum begin to run out as Grant lay down, my aim was perfect, all four loads of cum ran into his mouth, I turned and shared it all with Grant, and to our surprise Phil slid his cock in my mouth, Grant licked the cum from him, causing Phil to pull back a bit but stay hard. I knew after some time Alan was about ready to blow his seeds, I could feel him grunting and trying to hold off, I whispered in his ear, fuck me and flood my womb with your cum, that was it, he went wild, his cock ramming so deep he pushed Luke out of my mouth, then with an almighty groan he let fly, his ball sacks as big as his cock were full, as my womb got a direct hit, hot sticky cum filled my body, and I shot into another huge orgasm to finish him off. I slowly pulled my fist from Grants butt, he sa

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