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#408126 - She moved closer to me and started rubbing my whole body, my neck my upper tits, my tits, my stomach until she reached my panties, and she said ‘ ok now take this panties off and let me see u like god created u’ I took the panties off and stood there with no motion at all. The kiss lasted like four to five minutes and when we break it, there was no time for her mouth to rest, she attacked my left tit and put my nipple in her mouth ad she started sucking and licking it like a baby seeking milk from his own mother. Suddenly she stopped and said “ hey what r u doing why r soo stiff move ur hands and give me some sweet time too” This is what I was waiting for.

Read Horny 僕にHセフレができた理由 2 - Original Cum Eating 僕にHセフレができた理由 2

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Ritsuko takahashi
I need both daddies hmm
Yukari sahashi
I juss know both of them taste good af they bad af