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#267562 - She immediately went back sucking as hard as she could, my body shuddered, I feel the heat rising from my balls, I moaned as she shoved it back down her throat, my body was shaking as I felt the pressure build. I lick my lips as I slowly tease him, by slowly stroking it with my hand, I lean over and lick his pre cum of the tip he shudders and moans as I take the tip into my mouth and begin slowly sucking, moans and wraps a hand in my hair. I almost dropped dead right there if not for what he said next! So I-I was wondering, if you would maybe I don’t know, wanna go out with me? I froze, did he actually just ask me out? ME! Omg, this was the best day of my life!!!!!!! I looked into those piercing blue eyes and said yes! We made plans to meet up after school and catch dinner and a movie.

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