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#120930 - “Were you recording that?!” I said loudly as he smiled and nodded. “don’t worry, no one will see it but me and you” I noticed that he had been using a much larger toy on himself, as it was lying next to the vibrator that was previously up my ass. He just kept going, deeper and deeper until I started to gag, at which he started to pull out and wank his cock, it looked slippery, probably due to my saliva, but also because of the pre cum dribbling out the end, I just lent back, trying to catch my breath until when I felt something hot hit me, right in the face and dribble down into my panting mouth, it tasted salty, butt really nice until I realized he had just came on my face and I drank some, I tried to spit it out but he just grabbed me and shoved his cock back into my mouth, after a minute or so he shot another, smaller load in my mouth.

Read Amador Araragi-kun no Kuse ni Namaiki Dazo - Bakemonogatari Follada Araragi-kun no Kuse ni Namaiki Dazo

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Michelle chang
Beautiful view
This was a good hentai would you consider sucking him you could always use a flavored condom lol we all would love to see your pretty face get to work