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#73234 - Her firm arse cheeks feeling the cold of the dark marble top. Then picking her up in his strong arms and laying her on the floor, stroking her pussy gently- whilst guiding her hand to his hard cock. Brian carefully inserted another finger- Molly moaned further, Brian waited a few moments to allow her whole to adjust to the extra finger then began moving them in and out slowly, Mollys legs were tight around his neck- he knew she was about to climax- he sped up his fingering- in and out of her wet young pink hole, she moaned louder ‘thats goooood daddy- ohh yeh fuck me with your fingers- i love you daddy- im yours yes! Yes! YES!! OHHHHH’ Brians cock felt like it was going to explode- He had made his ‘daughter’ cum- he pulled out his fingers, and heard the sucking sound- her cunt didn’t want them to leave.

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