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#282882 - Mitch's penis thickened slightly as he ogled the large cocks hanging between the thighs of his shower mates, and since this was a gay club, it was not unusual to see men strolling around with huge erections pointing towards the ceiling! In the world of gay men, big cocks were a commodity that demanded special attention, so if a man was well hung, he could count on invitations to parties, dinner dates, and all sorts of offers sexual and otherwise to come his way. God it was beautiful, so thick and long, with a huge head, perfect for sucking or ass fucking!!! Mitch opened his mouth and let the warm head pop inside, stretching his jaws almost beyond possibility! God you suck good, moaned Ben through clenched teeth, let me cum in your mouth, you fucking bitch!!! Mitch loved to be called bitch when he was sucking, and his own cock spurted onto the tile floor as his mouth was filled with a cum gusher from Ben's huge fuck stick, while simultaneously, cocks all over the shower

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