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#163457 - [b]Character and setting background for the story Scene is Boston East Boston and Saugus Massachusetts Chris drives his moms car most of the time and is Savin for his own car Chris - college hockey star odd jobs and maintenance guy prior Navy 2nd class stationed in japan on destroyer as a gunners mateBC student double majoring mythology and teaching to become a mythology professor 23years old weapons expert martial artist and fraternity brother in ?? Anastasia - widow cougar extremely rich (owner of Spartan weapons systems leading suplier of arms to the USA) 40 yrs old body of a 25yr old extreme sex drive wicked kinky Gina- Chris' best friend genius coworker tattoo artist met in the Navy from day 1 boot camp till their discharge dates in 2012 same rate and rank 24yrs old BC Student for graphic design and physics weapons expert sorority sister in ?? Johnny - Chris' boss owner of helping hand inc (maintenance general and house work landscape company need

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