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#255632 - With no choice and tears in my eyes I open my mouth and take his cock into my mouth. “Now you! I find exciting even more after what you let us do last night!” Leaning his head into my throat, tracing it with his tongue, then along my chin and finally onto my lips where he closes his mouth on mine. Rob not wanting to stand with a combination of drying cum on his cock gets on the bed lifting Sherry’s crying face and forcing his cock into her mouth Sherry wasn’t a virgin ,but neither was she a whore so she didn’t do anything with the cock in her mouth until Rob slapped the right side of her face and said “Clean my cock bitch!’ Getting frustrated by the minute “Fuck even the mutie knew how to use her tongue to clean a cock!” Sherry then started to slide her tongue along the shaft in her mouth like she would a popsicle.

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