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#133395 - After 5 years and several failed experiments he creates Rx 78 - 3, a liquid that cures stage 1 cancer and slows down stage 4 cancer and buys the cancer patient an extra 15 years of life even if chemo and radiation fails. At 35 Walter is retired and living large, single with no kids and more money than he'll ever need he does everything that's he's ever wanted to do. So what's left? what's the one thing that he hasn't seen yet? and that's when he watches an old episode of Maury Povich, in that episode a man and his wife were told that there's a possibility that there actually brother and sister, what makes it worse is that they already have a child together so when Maury reads the results and proves that they are brother and sister Maury says You can love eachother as brother and sister but you can't be together, not sexually, not as a couple .

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