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#219971 - And from that day on we rekindled our friendship, most of the mornings when I got there, Kelvin would be gone to work and we could talk over the gate, because the summer sun is quite sharp, I always had my sunglasses on and I could check her out in her shorts and tight tops. I didn't notice it at first, but Mary kind of started to take chances when Kelvin was around, touching my leg, stroking over my arm, she even once playfully bit me in the neck, now that really got my attention, she tried to look innocent, but I finally realized that my old school friend was flirting outrageously with me. I was walking past the apartments when I heard a guy calling my name, I looked up from my cellphone and there was Kelvin, standing at the gate and looking very happy to see me, I greeted him and he motioned me over, I glued a fake smile on my face and walked over, he shook my hand, it felt like taking grip on a snake and he started babbling about how long it's been since he saw me and h

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