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#136965 - Just as Lina fired off a FIREBALL spell Naga tripped and landed in the path of the intended target for the spell and was bunt to a cinder laying unconscious on the floor, while Lina turned back to the man who had called her little but by the time her attention was back on the unknown stranger he was long gone from sight. Lina jumped up at the sight of the first two men heading her way, HAHAHAHA Naga laughed as a man tried to grab her, You think you bandits can capture the great Naga the serpent and her diminutive small breasted junior partner, don’t make me laugh Naga said, at this Lina was beyond mad she had taken just about as much from Naga as she could take shouting as loud as she could EXPLOSION ARRAY causing the ground around all the bandits and Naga to explode in a flash of green light. After walking down the road to Seyruun for a few hours the early morning night sky started to lift leaving bright midmorning light in there wake, they were still a good distance

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She s amazing her acting is flawless it s believable and she makes me feel like i m the one she s talking to i feel like i m living out these fantasies
Cecil aijima
Where tf am i
Tenchi masaki
The piston sound effect part was my favourite it caught me off guard
Meiling li
Kumiko oumae
Wow she is amazing and has the most prettiest little sweet pussy i ever seen very nice