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#94763 - His cock began dripping pre-cum inside the white egg-case, the worms inside his ass started bloating and rubbing his prostate to give him a better erection, his cock was fully hard and twitching ready to cum, Sebastian could feel a burning sensation around his body, his cock was as stiff as a rock, he started dripping way too much pre-cum inside the egg-case almost as if he were cumming, his balls were also twitching of ecstasies, only a small moan of pleasure he was able to emit. The insides of the worm were warm and tight, the insides of the worm were mixed with its own corporal liquids and the boy’s cum. Many worms would deposit their eggs around the boy’s glans, the eggs were quite sticky, so they would add pretty well without problem to the boy’s glans and corona, this part was quite warm and humid, perfect for their metamorphosis, the worms created a transparent case around the boy’s cock head by using their sticky spit.

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Kogasa tatara
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