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#15854 - I dont think it ever occurred to my wife why I was always even hornier than usual at a weekend, it was my mind working overtime on my fantasies of Becky that got my wife some of the best fuckings she ever had. I reached down and took her hand from her lap (the one not on her breasts!), and started to lead it to my cock, she looked up at me nervously and I smiled, don't worry, it's fine I reassured her as I placed her hand on the shaft of my cock, which twitched as her cool fingers came into contact with the burning flesh of my cock. Not giving her time to realise it fully, I pushed my cock slowly deeper into her, about half of the shaft now buried into her, giving her a split second to grab the cushion again as she cried out in her most powerful orgasm yet, the power and intensity of it took me close to cumming again as her already tight little cunt went into spasm around my cock.

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Carino soletta
Ela largou os filmes agora e michelli crente
Crowley hamon
Good doctor not only is the patient cured but the friend is also