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#69510 - I told him that I am going to take bath and you finish up my room till that, and before entering the bath room I kept my bra and panty on the bed so that he can notice them and I dint took my towel with me. Now he was on me on my bed, he started to smooch me harder and grabbed my big boobs tightly and started to press them hardly. After 10 min I opened my bathroom door a bit and saw him as I guessed he was playing with my bra, I called him and told him to pass me towel, he immediately dropped my bra and came near the door to pass me towel, to tease him a bit I opened the door little more so that he can enjoy my nude body, his eyes came out to see my wet nude body and I was enjoying to tease him but after taking the towel I closed the door.

Read Pounding Aoi-chan Attack! Ch. 1 Tan Aoi-chan Attack! Ch. 1

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Tron bonne
Hmm i wonder why
Rei kagura
So sick and tired of people saying boobs this size are big no there not idiots
Tita pa isa po bago ako mka graduate