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#183688 - The whole fuck was ruined by my aunt standing in the kitchen door way screaming at Robert, who dropped my legs like a stone and got up with spunk still dripping from his cock, l slid my knickers on and gathered my clothes, l wasn’t really listening to the explanation he was giving my aunt and neither was she listening. I was lying in bed one night and could hear my uncle fucking my aunt she wasn’t loud but the low groans and head board hitting the wall gave it away, l began rubbing a finger between my pussy lips then when the head board hit the wall l pressed my clitoris hard wondering how big my uncles cock was because my aunt was enjoying it inside her. Our parents had left for their anniversary dinner, my brother Dave and l were on the sofa waiting for our pizza to be delivered my head was on his lap, l was wearing as he requested some of our mothers’ clothes.

Read Mexicana Sailor Fuku de, Hitobanjuu. - Daiya no ace Petera Sailor Fuku de, Hitobanjuu.

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Junpei shibayama
High as fuck
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