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#432 - I was better that I had imagined, better than any dream, when we where done she refused to separated, we stood there for some time kissing, caressing, catching up our breath after a while it wasn't lone before I was the one on top of her, never letting my dick out her well moist pussy not even once. we took brakes from time to time losing any notion of time, but that morning all we did was fuck as we never did before. I started to pound her again slowly at first, increasing my pace as we got more exited, her legs could not hold for much longer as they started to shriver again, supporting my self with my hands, sweat dripping down my face, her body had this silky shine that made her look more appealing, as she was biting her lips and pressing hard on her breast, we could hear this particular like splashing sound coming out from her pussy every time I went in and out of her, turning us both on, it wasn't lone before we came again, as the first time we where left breathless, s

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