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#315921 - umm Jake wake up are you ok Jake get up what Amy what's going on what am I doing on the floor and why is my head killing me do you really expect me to know that im just as curious as you are so are you feeling ok apart from my head yeah fine but I cant remember what happened last night at all the only thing I remember was being at work walking home and then its a blank stay here ill get you some coffee see if that helps you wake up or at least remember something I kept trying to remember what happened but then like a bad dream it all came back to me the dam rock exploding the unsettling pain in my head or the fact my body felt like it was going to burn up or maybe it was the fact of passing out from feeling so drain and lifeless but before I could think more into it Amy came back in so you feeling any better yet or do I have to beat you up a little Amy said with a cute girly giggle look im fine you just worry to much and im sorry I had to work lat

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Ibuki izumi
What is her name
What fucking doctor do you go to because i ve never had this happen
Haruko haruhara
Find my sc to chat nu mila
Sana inui
Wow thats soo hot