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#297733 - Marion raised her head from the breast of the young woman embracing her, their tongues meeting duelling slithering between their moist lips to entwine in a loving kiss Anna's other hand sliding down her mistresses back finally grasping a small handful of her firm buttock causing Marion to moan deeply into Anna's mouth. Unbeknownst to her on the other side of the castle her father was also about to reach his climax the young maid beneath him shook in continual orgasm her recently unvirgined pussy felt abraided and sore but the sensations from her clitoris countered and sent her further and further into orgasm. Anna whimpered as her mistress licked and sucked passionately on her sore breasts sending waves of pleasure through to her sex that she was now more frantically attending to with her hand her thumb and finger tweaking her clitoris.

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