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#10332 - . Spinning around quickly, Veronica gave Erin the back of her hand right across her cheek, and in an almost evil voice spat, Don't you ever tell what to do again, you little cunt, do you got it!?! Tears immediately welled up in Erin's eyes while she rubbed her burning cheek, but she still managed to stammer in a weak voice, I-I undertstand, Veronica, I'll be a good girl, I promise!!! With a haughty superior look on her face, Veronica literally sneered at Erin and replied, That, my little girl, remains to be seen!!! Now leading the shaken woman into the bedroom, Veronica shoved Erin onto the king size bed and ordered, Take it all off, bitch, and show me what you've got!!! With her hands shaking from fear and excitement Erin quickly removed all of her clothing until she was lying maked on the bed with her legs slightly spread and ready to go!!! Humph, Veronica snorted, I'd almost forgotten what pitiful breasts you have, a ten year old would have m

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