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#381187 - She was also wearing no panties I helped her over and into the bushes and trees lifting her arms up and with rope and duct tape secured them above her head! Then lovingly patted her on the ass and kissed her as I stood back to watch! Her husband then took over fondling her smacking her bare ass several times pretty hard and fingering her! Then within a short time was fucking her good from behind with her naked and helplessly hanging! It was kind of a quickie as both quickly got off, but he was also turned on and so was she under the circumstances! Was able to keep fucking her for quite a while finally leaving her hanging by her wrists! Then he stepped back in the bushes as I undid the duct tape and ropes leaving the duct tape blindfold and cuffing her hands behind her back! Then I drove her back to her car before removing the leather cuffs and duct tape on her eyes! She kissed me most passionately before getting dressed and thanked me for a most wonderful sexual experience!

Read Paja うなぎやさんのスク水定食 2杯目 - Original Petera うなぎやさんのスク水定食 2杯目

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Rohan kishibe
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