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#246224 - The pain and sexual pleasure was awful by then, but it didn't seem to matter much at all now! As the orgasm then screamed along my nervous system and shook me like a blast of warm leaves fluttering around in a summer thunder storm leaving me limp like a warm wet dish rag!. He stops, opens his bag and pulls out a long piece of rope. I was lifeless, drifting, dazed my bare bottom and green stained whipped breasts vulgarly sagged! This strange man called me a dirty little whore, whipping me again and again as if he were trying to wake up my tortured senses or beat them out of me! So they could continue to use me and wanted me awake to feel everything! OMG this orgasm was sooo incredibly gooood , the best of the best in humiliating torture and abuse!.

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Yugi mutou
Sloppy top
Ple two
She not getting a cum shot she getting a creampie from me