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#389558 - So in my first story i told you about meeting boyfriend mark. I felt my pussy getting wet so i put the vibrator on my clit and felt my pussy cringed and get wetter as he got harder he was about to explode he finished on my face like my mom asked i happened to finished one more time as he shot his load onto me. As i started to suck him i remebered about what was in my box i stopped sucking mark for a sec went out to the table opened my box grabed my new toy with some batteries put them in turned it on made sure it worked brought the toy back into my room marked asked me what i had i said it a vibrator that mom got me in my box.

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You did everything i asked so i will set you free just as i promised in about 2 years after you are all used up and i made all the money spent on you ten fold i will even add a nice little memory wipe to prevent any trauma in case some customers treat you too harshly