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#254578 - Ray switched it up abit he had been fucking her hard for a good 20 minutes know and Sasha was becoming really sluty. He was directing her and she would simply obay his orders she was massaging his body with baby oil and he had almost stripped Sasha out of her outfit there bodies glistening with oil as Sasha slipped up and down running her tounge up his inner thighs and suckling his ball sack flickering her tounge on his nuts and then continuing up wards running his cock between her breasts once her pussy was gliding over his shaft I could see how it parted her flaps. Once Sasha gets really horny she has a very promanate camel toe and it's so sexy Ray had her straddle his face and he sucked her pussy making her moan she was begging to have him fuck her already he continued to tease her he rolled her onto her back her legs parted and spread wide open he was sliding up and down her body making Sasha shiver with anticipation Ray would be the biggest cock she has ever had he is just

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