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#63131 - j and i moved in with the nelson family i found out that i was going to have a sister and a little brother and there son was going to live with my family. so let me tell u about myself before i go on my name is knapa but in english it is klara im 5'4 174lbs and a 38dd chest im a lil thick but in all the right places to say with only two weeks intill school starts my mom and dad sent me two thousand dollors for school for me to buy the stuff i woulod need so i could have a great school year so i went to the mall with my new family i went and got some short skirts and fishnet sockings and a really cuite par of high heels i was so ready for my frist day of school i went to my frist class it was english class thats where i got my schedule the frist ting i noticed about my new teacher ms jacbos was that she was oing to be having a baby i didnt know why but for some reason that can of turned me on and i noticed there was a girl who everyone seem to love her name was amanda even the men

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