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#117640 - If you like this I will do another one. First I put on submission collars on them, that also restrained there hands, then I started working my way down there lean tight bodies, first 1 girl then the other, until I got to their pussies, there I concentrated on Raven first and brought her to multiple orgasms, then I did Candy, they each had at least 6 orgasms, then I had them get on their knees still with their hands restrained, and I blindfolded them too. Next I had Candy lie on the bed, and used hog rings and handcuffs to tie her legs and arms behind her back, next I got out the spreader bar that restrained the feet, legs, hands and arms, I put Raven in that doggie style, then I got out a couple of ball gags, and nipple clamps, I turned Candy over on her back, took Raven's ball gag out and put in a device that let her use her tongue, removed Candy's blindfold positioned Raven right between her thighs, then I got Raven wet again as she was licking my Daughter, then I positioned myse

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Tohru mutou
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