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#285221 - Higgins, he answered quickly, that's just not true, I really do like your daughter, it's just that, well, I have to admit that I do love her chest, but I can't help myself!!! Seeing his contriteness, she softened her voice and replied, I understand how you feel, Hillary does have very pretty breasts, but please try to show some interest in something other than her boobs, do you think you can do that for me!?! I'll do my best, ma'am, he replied, I surely will!!! Tommy and Hillary rode in silence for the first few miles, both of them seemingly lost in thought, until Tommy began, Uh, Hills, I've been thinkin', maybe I haven't paid enough attention to you as a person, and well uh, I just want you to know that I'm sorry and I'm gonna try an do better!!! Shaking her head slowly up and down, she replied slowly, Well, I appreciate that Tommy, I really do, but I've been doing some thinking too, and I want you to know that whe

Read Peluda Hiyake Shoujo to Natsuyasumi. - Original Pool Hiyake Shoujo to Natsuyasumi.

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