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#137365 - ahhh yeah your ass is great matty he said pounding me the pain started to reside and the pleasure started to kick in he was putting his whole length in me touching something inside me that felt as if i was having a orgasms inside my body i was moaning ahh oh yeah fuck my ass i kept saying , He told me that he had never felt anything like this before. nathan looked me in my eyes but all i could feel was his cock pressed against my cock i wrapped my legs around his and i slid my hands from the back of his neck to his back then to his nice thick ass and i pressed him into me causing his cock to press into mine ahh he moaned God it was huge, the outline of his dick looked like he was hiding an italian sasage in his pants i unbottoned his pants and slid his pants and underwear down he took them all the way off he sat up and took off his shirt i took off my boxers and i grabed him he was laying on top of me my legs opened he pressed up against me cock on cock and then we kissed his

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It turns me on
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